Development of Referees

Each Referees’ Society acts as the first part of the development pathway for aspiring match officials, which leads, in England, on to Federations, Regional Groups, the National Panel and eventually the RFU PGMOT (Professional Game Match Official Team); from there, the final step is to the pinnacle of the game: refereeing international fixtures, which is managed through World Rugby.
The attached ‘Grading Capability Matrix’ document details what is expected of a referee, building their knowledge and skills, as they progress up through the grades – the document covers from Level 12 up to Level 6, the point at which Berkshire Referees’ Society hands over responsibility for referee development to the Southern Federation (a combined group made up of the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire & Oxfordshire referees’ societies).

Grading Capability Matrix

Refereeing Levels