Becoming a member of Berkshire Rugby Refs

The RFU provides two courses that offer a refereeing qualification: the ‘Quilter Refereeing Children’ L1 course covers age-grade club and school games up to U12, whilst the ‘ERRA L2 Refereeing the 15-a-side Game’ course is required to referee age-grade games above U12 and adult fixtures.

To be appointed to games by Berkshire Rugby Refs , and beyond, you need to have successfully completed the ERRA L2 course.

To transfer the skills learnt during the ERRA L2 course from the classroom to the pitch requires experience and practice, which Berkshire Rugby Refs will help newly qualified referees obtain – initially, we ask that new referees start to develop that practical experience in a controlled manner over a programme of 5 matches*, after which the Society will be able to assess the new referee’s level of competence and appoint them to a corresponding grade of fixture under its jurisdiction, to aid their further development.

We understand that this initial process might seem a bit daunting, at first, but it is designed to help you take the first steps in your refereeing journey, and stand you in good stead as you progress. The graduated induction into Society appointments exists both to protect the referee from being appointed to too high a grade, in the early stages of their refereeing, and also as a duty of care to the clubs and players to whom it appoints referees.

*Berkshire Rugby Refs can help new referees ‘find’ these initial five matches, though its network of Club Referee Coordinators, working within each of the rugby clubs in Berkshire. 

Steps to complete to become a Society referee

  1. If you are interested in joining the Referees’ Society, you should contact the Membership Officer in the first place. They will be able to discuss with you, suitable venues for your initial games and put you in contact with the clubs/schools. Contact details can be found HERE
  2. Berkshire Rugby Refs will help you arrange these fixtures as best it can, through the CRefC network.
  3. For each match refereed, you should complete a Match Self-evaluation Form.  (NB – YMOs participating in the Berkshire YMO Academy programme can use their log books for this)
  4. One match will need to be watched by a Berkshire Rugby Refs-approved Observer. During their observation, they will complete the New Referee Observation Checklist on your performance and discuss it with you after the game. 
  5. On completion of five matches, you will be able to complete the Summary Evaluation of Refereed Matches Form.  The aim of this form is to help you summarise your experience and demonstrate that you can reflect on your refereeing and show development across the five games refereed. In this document you are asked to identify appropriate solutions for the challenges that you have been presented with, during the evidence-gathering period.
  6. On the reverse of the Summary Evaluation of Refereed Matches Form is space to produce a Personal Development Plan, identifying priority areas for focus and development as a referee.
  7. Having completed all of the above, the Society will be able to make a considered assessment of your starting level, so that you can be appointed to an appropriate grade of game.
  8. Having reviewed your completed forms, the Membership Officer may ask you some questions, to help explore your understanding of the role and also help you identify opportunities to further your development as a rugby union referee.
  9. During this whole process the Society (initially through, but not limited to, the Membership Officer) will support you in resolving any problems, either logistical in arranging matches or technical regarding problems that may have arisen during games themselves.
  10. All new referee’s must complete the Rugby Ready, Headcase & Laws test before they can be appointed. This then needs to be re-validated annually ( except the Rugby Ready )

Downloadable New Referee Forms

Links to World Rugby Courses

Information from England Rugby on how to become a referee (take up the whistle) and how to join the society is at
Becoming a referee

The Berkshire referee’s society alway welcomes new members. If you would like to take up the whistle in our area, please download a member details form and email it to the Membership secretary membership@Berkshire Rugby

Membership Form

Feel free to make contact with any of the people on the “Committee” page and they will guide you and answer any questions you might have.

Book a place on a course! 

If you want to book yourself onto a course, then this is the link to book a place on an online course booking system